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Serving all NJ Counties. We work within the guidlines and regulations set forth by the New Jersey State Department of Environmental Protection Agency (DEP) and the EPA. Recieving accolades from numerous real estate offices and board of health. We have been invited to speak at seminars educating some of New Jersey's toughest regulatory counties while offering our service throughout the entire state.

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Our analytical background enables us to accommodate your environmental water testing needs and solutions to your analytical problems.

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For safe and effective well testing services, count on Environmental Well Testing in New Jersey. We offer first-rate well water testing to Realtors®, attorneys,inspectors, and of course home-sellers, selling there homes to comply with the Private Well Testing Act.(NJPWTA) With more than a decade of experience in the industry, we take pride in providing you with fast turnaround time from three to five days. We also provide free retest and flat rates with no hidden charges at all. Environmental Well Testing is a full service Lab. Some well testing companies can only test pH and collect the rest of the samples to be shipped to a Full Service Lab (such as ours) to get them analyzed. Having the advantage of dealing with our full service lab, allows us to collect analyze and produce the reports you need, leaving much less room for error. With about 70% of well water that fails for one or more parameters on the untreated-raw water. Environmental never charges for a re-test after remediation of the water. Saving our clients hundreds of dollars over our competitors. It is importnat to know that we DO NOT remediate, sell treatment devices etc.. We feel it is a confilct of interest. We only test the water. Although we can certainly advise you on any remediation and even refer reputable companies.    

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**Please ask about changes in well test parameters effective 9-7-18. Parameters added across the state include Gross Alpha, Uranium and Synthetic Voc's***